ATech Trainers Available for Immediate Delivery 01/03/2018

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Contact a Product Representative Today at or 859-485-7229! The following trainers are available to ship to your school today:

Trainers Available Today

Troubleshooting Trainer (model 1801B)

Troubleshooting Fault Board (model 1800FB)

Interactive Keypad (model 1802)

Courseboards (1810A, 1820A, 1830, and 1840)

Automotive Electricity Courseboard (model 1811)

Automotive Electronics Courseboard (model 1821)

MAF Sensor and TPS Sensor Courseboard (model 1841)

Lighting System (model 821C)

Power Door Lock System (model 850C)

Evaporative Emission System (model 640)

Applied Electrical Trainer (model 4810)

Electrical/PWM/Fault Trainer (model 2210)

Intermittent Fault Box (model 2112)

GM Direct Ignition System (model 1711F)

This list is subject to change and will be updated on a weekly basis. Check with an ATech Product Representative for availability.

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